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Call for Artists
The Dittmar Gallery is now accepting submissions for the 2010-2011 season.
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Photographers, graphic artists, painters, artists

This is your space.

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Current Exhibit:
Exhibit Open: May 14 - June 18, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, May 14th, 6-8pm
Northwestern University's Art Theory and Practice Department presents a group show
featuring the several undergraduate art majors at the Dittmar Memorial Gallery. The
show will primarily feature installation works, although 2-D media and other forms will
be represented. The senior artists and several of their professors will be present at the
opening to discuss the work.
Artist Bios:
Laura Cohen is a senior double major in dance and Art Theory and Practice, who spent last spring at Goldsmiths University of London where she learned to be fashionable. The core of her work involves perceptions of childhood and violence through the simultaneous act of destruction and creation. Her process is to go through massive periods of collecting objects alternating with huge moments of dispersal in which she will place collected items carefully in specific arrangements -often based upon some preset mythology (such as Star Wars or The Lord of The Rings)- and then throw and break things. Witnesses are invited to break things as well, or bring items to be broken. One thing that interests her is the release or sense of satisfaction that comes with smashing a plate or a ukulele and the potential for spontaneity.

Margy LaFreniere is an artist, social change advocate, and aspiring educator. When she makes art, she works mainly in performance. Her work deals with personal reflection on large social structures, focusing on truth, voice, and contradiction.

Jessica Palo is simply an artist; Allan Kaprow could not have said it better. “Young artists of today need no longer say, “I am a painter” or “a poet” or “a dancer.” They are simply “artists.” All of life will be open to them.” When she makes art she uses whatever means necessary to best portray her ideas. There is no knowledge before need. Most of her work focuses on the idea of essence and its relation to people and the concept of race. She was born in West Africa and raised in Ames, Iowa. Growing up she was never treated indifferently by her peers because of her race or heritage. Their indifferent treatment towards her triggered an interest in the concept of race and the placement it holds in society. Jessica alludes to race in her work only as a means to deny it. There are so many different directions the subject matter can take. She is constantly engaging, moving and evolving her work like many have done before me and will do so after. Jessica will be graduating this June with an Art Theory and Practice degree.

Allison Putnam rides her bike through Chicago absorbing the systems of urban life and synthesizes them with urban plans, maps and objects to make paintings and installations.

Lynn Stransky primarily creates work about gender issues, more specifically the hegemonic ideals of heteronormativity that plague western society. Stransky’s preferred mode of expression is painting, although she dabbles in photography and most recently, in relational aesthetics work.

Kyle Tidd was born in 1987, two years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Following graduation he will remain in Chicago for one year. He once worked at the Unicorn Café in Evanston, Illinois. His influences include Shinto architecture, the late writings of Franz Kafka, and the Internet. He is left-handed.

Jessica Wiener takes herself very seriously. Her art often comes from a place of childhood fantasy. She pursues the idea of fantasy further in her piece by investigating representation, identity and desire through a journalistic and humorous presentation of personal connections made over the internet.

Max Wilson was born south of the Mason Dixon, but now he lives just across the river from Portland, Oregon, where it’s not as humid in the summer. Recently, he has been focusing on performance and video work, but he still appreciates well-made objects. In June, Max will graduate with dual degrees from the Radio Television and Film department, and the Art Theory and Practice department, after which time he will continue to make work in Chicago while earning a living at some yet to be determined venue. Please direct all job offers to:

Past Exhibits: Click name to expand
• Spring Cloud by Mark Rumsey
• AfriCOBRA and the Chicago Black Arts Movement
• "Beethoven, Bach and the Composers Sleeping in the Coffin" and Artist Made Books
• 5 Plus Genres of Chinese Art: Traditional and Contemporary
• “Unearthed” - Kristy Deetz  and Joseph Pintz
• 100 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE: McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science Exhibit
• Matthew Friel: Abandoned Archives
• Iain Fraser & Robert Logan: March-May 2009
• Senior Art Show: Progression
2009-10 Dittmar Gallery Schedule
Dates of Exhibit Reception Artist(s) & Exhibit Name
9/10 - 29
100 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE: McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science Exhibit
10/4 - 30
“Unearthed” - Kristy Deetz  and Joseph Pintz
11/4 - 12/6

Bejing Masters Exhibit

1/6 - 2/8
"Beethoven, Bach and the Composer Sleeping in the Coffin" and "Artist Made Books"
2/12 - 3/17
AfriCOBRA and the Chicago Black Arts Movement
3/31 - 5/6
"Spring Cloud" - Mark Rumsey
5/14 - 6/18
Senior Show
NU Galleria

Photographers, graphic artists, painters, artists!

This is your space.

NU Galleria is now accepting submissions of visual art - photographs, sketches, anything you can hang on a wall. It's a creative space for everybody.

Do you have something to share?

E-mail to submit your artwork.

(Must be an NU student or recent alum. Each exhibit will be on display between 1 – 2 weeks)

About Dittmar Memorial Gallery

Statement of Purpose

Dittmar Memorial Gallery, established at Norris University Center in 1972, is a student-operated gallery whose genuine concern is to expose, enlighten and challenge the Northwestern University community with the serious work of fine emerging female and minority artists in the local and surrounding areas. The staff at Dittmar is dedicated to fostering and developing an awareness of the changing attitudes and trends in the art world by bringing artists who work in the contemporary vein, as well as artists who offer an alternative perspective that hinges on the periphery of the art world. In essence, the goals of Dittmar Memorial Gallery coincide with the philosophy of providing well-deserved exposure to those who would not necessarily get exposure in the mainstream art world.

How to Submit

Dittmar Memorial Gallery welcomes submissions through a formal review process. Each May, the submissions committee meets to review submissions and select a season of artists for the following academic year.

In your complete submission, include

  1. At least 5 images that demostrate the work you are proposing for a show or past work with a proposal for new work.
  2. Work list for the images including title, medium, size, and year.
  3. Statement.
  4. Resume.
  5. Any awailable contact.

Mail your submission to:

Dittmar Memorial Gallery
Norris University Center
Northwestern University
1999 Campus Drive
Evanston, Illinois 60208

Or e-mail to:


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